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The art center’s objective is to bring together talented individuals from all over the world in order to create a dynamic visual conversation between them, share with them the natural environment and dramatic setting of Baer, and to leave a deep influence of Icelandic nature.

The art center's focus is to host short residency sessions, thematic workshops and art classes for deeply committed visual artists, architects and designers.

We are also committed to preserving the majestic nature that surrounds the farmland and property at Baer.

Baer Art Center is part of a beautiful seaside horsefarm in Northwestern Iceland.

The setting of the residency on the east coast of Skagafjördur, a large fjord facing the Arctic Circle, is quite unique with it's access to the ocean, a freshwater lake, extensive birdlife, outdoor activities, and Icelandic horses.

The summer months at Baer offer the midnight sun and sublime light conditions during the long hours of daylight.

The farm at Baer is  approximately 400km (4 hour drive) from the capital, Reykjavik (see map).

The residency program at Baer has focused on visual artists, architects and designers exclusively since its foundation, offering first class accommodation and facilities for a minimal residency/workshop fee. Now we also accept private groups of all types into our facilities, based on a special application process. Due to our location so far north and close to the Arctic, the art center closes down for the darkest and coldest months.

Our facilities consist of: the studio building, whith five individual 60m2 studio spaces (that include a private studio work area, a bedroom and a bathroom) suitable for one or two persons, a common lounge with a kitchenette, the exhibition barn area, and a small laundry room; the shed which houses the working tools, clay workshop and the electric kiln.

During workshops, each studio space is occupied by two participants, but for the residency sessions each studio is used by one resident artist.

Residency sessions and workshops will be announced on this website at the beginning of each operational year. See further information on the home page under workshops/residencies.

Those artists, architects or designers that want to be considered for a residency, must send us an email application including either a simple pdf portfolio example or a reference to the website where samples of their work can be viewed. Applicants also need to provide one letter of reference submitted by email. All prospective candidates are listed in our records.

For applications for private groups, information can be found under faq.

Residency/workshop fees should be paid with a credit card or wire transfer for foreign participants or with a direct transfer for Icelandic participants, at least 4 weeks before the start of each session.

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