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How do I get to Baer?

The best way to get to Baer is with a bus from Reykjavik.
The bus travels twice a day from Reykjavik to Akureyri, with a stop in Saudárkrókur (our closest town).
Further information on the bus can be found on - see the summer timetable for bus #57, going from Mjódd bus terminal in Reykjavík through Saudárkrókur. Also, you can get a connecting bus from BSÍ bus terminal where the airport buses take the passengers arriving in KEF airport. We offer pick-up and drop-off of our residents at the Saudárkrókur bus stop.


Another way to get to Baer is by rental car, but it takes approximately 4 hours to drive to Baer from Reykjavík. Most major international rental agencies are represented in Iceland.

What do I need to bring with me?

You need warm and rainproof clothes, good hiking boots (sneakers are not sufficient), swimsuit, hat and mittens (we are very close to the Arctic cirle!). Also, you should bring your most critical art supplies or have them shipped ahead of you to the Baer address, and you need money supplies for your personal expenses.

Do I get a private studio?

It depends on the program.

For one/two week residency sessions each resident has his/her private studio, bedroom and bathroom.
For the one week long workshops and art classes, the studio space is shared by two persons.
The studio work space is approximately 40 m2 (400 sqft). You can see a floorplan of the studio here.

How do private groups apply and how do they work?

A group of artists can apply for a private residency session, which can last from a minimum stay of one week up to a maximum stay of two weeks.

Residency fee is based on a modest price per studio per day.

To apply for a private residency stay at Baer Art Center, a pdf application with names and resumes/CVs of each participant along with a proposal and samples of recent art works is required. References to up-to-date websites can also work for the application presentation. It is also necessary to indicate the desired length of stay and preferred dates for the private residency. The combined pdf application should be submitted via email to

Is there a place nearby that offers basic services?

Yes, there are two places nearby that offer basic services.
The village of Hofsós is just south of Baer. In Hofsós, we find a small grocery shop with a mail drop-off, a swimming pool, a small restaurant/bar and the Emigration Center. In Saudárkrókur (30min drive) we have the local hospital, all basic health services, a big supermarket, hardware store, post office and more.


Where can I buy art supplies?

Some basic art supplies can be bought in Saudárkrókur and also in Akureyri. There is a hardware store in Saudárkrókur which has been very popular among the Baer residents. For purchasing of other mainstream art supplies, they can be mail ordered from an art supply store in Reykjavík.

How is the weather during the months of May through September?

Weather during the Icelandic summer/fall is very unpredictable. Temperatures range from 5°Celcius to 20°Celcius, and weather can change quickly from sunshine to rain. Due to our exposure to the ocean and predominant winds from the North, we often experience windy days at Baer.

Are places of interest nearby?

There are many interesting places in our area.
The town of Siglufjördur, the cultural center Hólar in Hjaltadalur and the heritage museum at Glaumbaer are some of the places of interest nearby.

Does Baer Art Center offer residency sessions over the winter months?

No, we neither offer residency sessions nor workshops over the darkest winter months (December, January, February and March). The winter in Northern Iceland can be very tough, dark, snowy and windy, and quite frequently the roads close down for short periods of time.

Can I bring my family with me to Baer?

Baer does not accommodate for families, because of the smallness of the program and due to the setup of our accommodations. Spouses/partners can apply to our program as part of a private residency group. Also, depending on the circumstances or the program, spouses/partners can be accommodated towards the end of a formal residency session after an approval from the residency director.

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